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JNTU Kakinada MBA R19 Academic Regulations PDF Download


JNTUK MBA Academic Regulations

Description of Academic Regulation:

JNTUK MBA Academic Regulations Every Student may check their regulations for known the rules, and Academic Regulations are nothing but rules for both newly joined students and ongoing students to know their course structure, synopsis, and the award for a degree, etc. Every student who can know their academic regulations for information regarding the particular semester structure, how the student can behave in college premises, behave professors and how to get a good candidate or students in both education and other activities like play games and extracurricular activities like seminars, programs, and fests conducted in both inner and outer colleges. Academic Regulations learns detailed information about how student good in nature.

JNTUK MBA Academic Regulations:

Here! we Provide Academic Regulation guide for our student convenience way fast and reliable manner. Students read their academic regulations thoroughly to maintain good and accurate results they will think that their criteria about academic subjects, labs, and seminars. A number of people coming from a normal degree scenario, but here! known the academic structure of Newly Joined MBA Students.


Applicable for the students of MBA from the Academic Year 2019-20.
1. Duration of the Program: The duration of the program is two academic years consisting of four semesters. However, a student is permitted to complete the course work of the MBA program in the stipulated time frame of FOUR years from the date of joining.
2. Minimum Instruction Days Each semester consists of a minimum of ninety instruction days.
3. Program Credits MBA program is designed to have a total of 104 credits and the student shall have to complete the two-year course work and earn all 104 credits for the award of MBA             Degree.

Name of the University: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Kakinada

Established: 1946

Affiliation With: University Grants Commission (UGC), National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), and Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

Download the Detailed Academic Regulation PDF: Click Here

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