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JNTU Kakinada M.Tech R19 Academic Regulations PDF Download

JNTUK M.Tech Academic Regulations

Description of Academic Regulation:

JNTUK M.Tech Academic Regulations Every Student may check their regulations for known the rules, and Academic Regulations are nothing but rules for both newly joined students and ongoing students to know their course structure, synopsis, and the award for a degree, etc. Every student who can know their academic regulations for information regarding the particular semester structure, how the student can behave in college premises, behave professors and how to get a good candidate or students in both education and other activities like play games and extracurricular activities like seminars, programs, and fests conducted in both inner and outer colleges. Academic Regulations learns detailed information about how student good in subjects and games nature.

MTECH R19 Academic Regulations:

JNTUK M.Tech Academic Regulations Here! we Provide Academic Regulation guide for our student convenience way fast and reliable manner. Students read their academic regulations thoroughly to maintain good and accurate results they will think that their criteria about academic subjects, labs, and seminars. Following courses of study for B.Tech Degree as follows, and M Techs already familiar with Rules and Regulations when they Undergraduate study.

Program of Study:

The following specializations are offered at present for the M. Tech Program of study:
1. M.Tech- Structural Engineering
2. M.Tech- Structural Design
3. M. Tech- Transportation Engineering
4. M.Tech- Infrastructure Engineering & Management
5. M. Tech – Computer Aided Structural Engineering
6. M. Tech – Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
7. M. Tech- Environmental Engineering
8. M.Tech-Geo-Informatics
9. M.Tech-Spatial Information Technology
10. M.Tech- Civil Engineering
11. M. Tech-Highway Engineering
12. M.Tech -Geo-Technical Engineering
13. M.Tech- Remote Sensing
11. M.Tech- Power Electronics
12. M.Tech- Power & Industrial Drives
13. M.Tech- Power Electronics & Electrical Drives
14. M.Tech- Power System Control & Automation
15. M.Tech- Power Electronics & Drives
16. M.Tech- Power Systems
17. M.Tech- Power Systems Engineering
18. M.Tech- Electrical Power Systems
19. M.Tech- High Voltage Engineering
20. M.Tech- Power Electronics and Power Systems
21. M.Tech- Power System and Control
22. M.Tech- Power Electronics & Systems
23. M.Tech- Electrical Machines and Drives
24. M.Tech- Advanced Power Systems
25. M.Tech- Power Systems with Emphasis on High Voltage Engineering
26. M.Tech- Control Engineering
27. M.Tech- Control Systems
28. M.Tech- Electrical Power Engineering
29. M.Tech- Power Engineering & Energy System
29. M.Tech- Thermal Engineering
30. M.Tech- CAD/CAM
31. M.Tech- Machine Design
32. M.Tech- Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
33. M.Tech- Advanced Manufacturing Systems
34. M.Tech-Computer Aided Analysis & Design
35. M.Tech- Mechanical Engineering Design
36. M.Tech- Systems and Signal Processing
37. M.Tech- Digital Electronics and Communication Systems
38. M.Tech- Electronics & Communications Engineering
39. M.Tech- Communication Systems
40. M.Tech- Communication Engineering & Signal Processing
41. M.Tech- Microwave and Communication Engineering
42. M.Tech- Telematics
43. M.Tech- Digital Systems & Computer Electronics
44. M.Tech- Embedded System
45. M.Tech- VLSI
46. M.Tech- VLSI Design
47. M.Tech- VLSI System Design
48. M.Tech- Embedded System & VLSI Design
49. M.Tech- VLSI & Embedded System
50. M.Tech- VLSI Design & Embedded Systems
51. M.Tech- Image Processing
52. M.Tech- Digital Image Processing
53. M.Tech- Computers & Communication
54. M.Tech- Computers & Communication Engineering
55. M.Tech- Instrumentation & Control Systems
56. M.Tech – VLSI & Micro Electronics
57. M.Tech – Digital Electronics & Communication Engineering
58. M.Tech- Embedded System & VLSI
59. M.Tech- Computer Science & Engineering
60. M.Tech- Computer Science
61. M.Tech- Computer Science & Technology
62. M.Tech- Computer Networks
63. M.Tech- Computer Networks & Information Security
64. M.Tech- Information Technology
65. M.Tech- Software Engineering
66. M.Tech- Neural Networks
67. M.Tech- Chemical Engineering
68. M.Tech- Biotechnology
69. M.Tech- Nano Technology
70. M.Tech- Food Processing
71. M.Tech- Avionics
72. M. Tech- Mining Engineering
73. M. Tech- Automobile Engineering
74. M. Tech- Agricultural Engineering
75. M. Tech – Material Science and Technology

Name of the University: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada

Established: 1946

Affiliation With: University Grants Commission (UGC), National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), and Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

Download the Detailed Academic Regulation PDF: Click Here

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